Credit Repair

Are you seeking a financial lifestyle change or need assistance in achieving a better credit score?

We are here to help clients who need a more structured outlook on their finances. We can assist you in cleaning up past derogatory marks or collections. We even offer consultation if you are prepping for debt consolidation. We construct a personal strategy in order to achieve your unique goals.

Clients will always have full transparency with their TPF member. We want to show you the steps that will be utilized, and that are currently underway. Communication will always be of the highest priority with flexible ways of meeting with your personal TPF member. In short, on behalf of our clients, The People's Forums will;

  • Communicate to collections in order to settle account(s) or establish an appropriate payment plan.

  • Dispute all inaccurate claims to collections and major credit bureaus.

  • Dispute all outdated claims to collections and major credit bureaus.

  • Create a personalized budget plan per client, including any necessary payments in collections.

  • Weekly meetings for updates (30 minutes to 1 hour)


Consultation - FREE

Initial repair contract - $250

Per derogatory mark or account in collections - $150

Debt consolidation consultation - $200

For more information about pricing and services, please use the form below.